Ventures: Our after school, social learning program is an instructional program created to give children with autism the opportunity to learn, practice, and generalize social skills.


Grades 3-9


Application/Registration Fee (nonrefundable):


Consultative Services: IEP meetings, school/community observations, team meetings, etc.


Southeastern Autism Academy: A private school dedicated to providing quality targeted instruction to children with autism or other social-communication needs.  We develop academic skills in an environment structured to improve understanding of social skills and learning appropriate ways to communicate. (8:30am- 2:15pm) Please visit our Financial Resources page for more information on the state grants available!

$21,000/year (new students)

STEM Club:  STEM Club gives students (grades 3-6) a place to feel accepted, create new friendships, maintain current friendships, develop a self-concept, and get out in the community.  Enrolled students will also engage in motivating activities that promote higher order thinking skills across the STEM fields. *** Not currently offered, check back soon!***


Summer Camp/Intersessions: Our summer camp and intersession programs combine the fun of a camp with the benefits of evidence-based strategies. Children with autism will learn through peer and play interactions in a fun and inclusive group environment.

$400/week (8:30am-2:30pm) 

Training: Autism awareness and strategies for daycares, churches, etc.


Tutoring: Hourly assistance to maintain or improve academic skills.



*** 30 days written notice must be submitted for all program status changes.

*** No reduction or remission of fees can be allowed by OASIS NC for absences.

*** Aggressive behavior could result in immediate termination of contract without refund.