Post Graduation

Now what?!

This is a big transition time in anyone’s life, but it can be particularly challenging to those with ASD.  Luckily, the amount of options and resources available in our community is continuing to grow.

Community College

ODS diploma -> ACT/SAT OR Placement Test -> Community College Program

ABE Essentials Program: A two year program at Cape Fear Community College designed to offer to pathways for success, Career Preparation and College transition.  Students will participate in career discovery and choose a career pathway, while continuing to work on their academic skills.  Students achieving between the levels of 2nd and 12th grade are eligible.

Certificate Programs

Degree Programs

Cape Fear Community College Admissions 

Cape Fear Community College Disabilities Services 


ODS diploma -> ACT/SAT OR Placement Test -> Community College -> University

ODS diploma -> GED -> University

UNCW Transfer Admissions 

UNCW Disability Resources


Independent Living