Intersesssion Camps

Each intersession camp includes engaging activities to enrich students’ academic abilities, physical well being, and compassionate spirit.  High-interest themes such as coding and the environment will stimulate authentic participation and motivation to learn.

Academic Enrichment: Campers will participate in lessons created by certified educators on the thematic unit, explore with hands on activities related to the topic, and deepen their understanding with short educational videos.

Health and Wellness: Campers will participate in engaging physical activities to provide the daily movement and exercise recommended for healthy lifestyles. This includes yoga and mindfulness sessions to build concentration and self-regulation. Campers will also become active participants in planning and preparing the healthy snacks they will enjoy eating while at OASIS NC.

Spirit: OASIS NC strives to provide a safe, stress fee environment for our campers by providing compassionate instruction for themselves, others, animals, and the environment.  Campers will participate in daily social skill lessons prepared by a Special Education teacher and have multiple opportunities throughout the day for reflection and relaxation in our garden, on our walking path, and in our dimly lit student lounge.

Topics Fall 2019 STEM (Coding)

Mission: Students will learn basic/intermediate coding skills while making/maintaining friendships.


September 24-28th, 2018, April 1st-5th, 2019, Summer 2019 TBD

Monday- Friday: 8:30am-2:30pm

*Children attending Intersession Camps must be able to (1) communicate verbally, (2) participate in a small group, (3) be potty trained, and (4) have no aggressive, self-injurious, or destructive behaviors.*