Science/Social Studies

Overarching themes, as well as “big ideas”,  drives the Social Studies and Science curricula at Oasis Day School. Several themes cross more than one grade level so that they can be studied from different perspectives and in greater depth. We use primary and secondary sources, both print and electronic media. We also supplement our instruction with a variety of independent texts and online sources, including Brain Pop, IXL, and Discovery Education.


Throughout the Science curriculum (and across all disciplines) is a particular focus on inquiry: exploration and discovery, the scientific method, problem solving, and creativity, as well as collaboration and cooperation.


In 2015, Landfall Foundation granted OASIS NC with a STEM for Them (Too!) grant.

The “STEM for Them (Too!)” grant has made it possible for OASIS NC to acquire STEMscopes, a research-based science curriculum for our center for children with autism, and a literacy-based science curriculum from National Science Teachers Association.

STEMscopes is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum that has earned a seal of approval from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and will allow our students to experience science in a way that is meaningful and engaging to them.  This curriculum is especially perfect for students with learning differences because it addresses multiple learning modalities including art, dramatic play, literacy, music, and technology.  STEMscopes also combines the use of digital resources, print, and hands-on kits that will help our students develop a more complete sense of STEM by learning content through a variety of modalities.  We are very excited to see our students embrace literacy through high-interest science topics, refine their digital-native skills, and develop a love for real-life science that they have not had the chance to do before.  We firmly believe our students will become the STEM leaders and innovators of the future!

Social Studies

Social Studies at Oasis Day School incorporates investigation of History, Geography and Civics. Throughout all the grades – we emphasize both the individual and the relationship between the individual and the group. Specifically, students will understand the impact of individuals, ideas and groups on local, national and global communities.