Summer Learning

OASIS NC’s Summer Learning program has been created to help children with autism maintain the academic skills and school behaviors over the 11 WEEK summer vacation!  Children will engage in reading, writing, and math skills in a small group setting, as well as participate in Social Skills groups and friendship-developing activities.  Students that have attended this program have LOVED it!  It is a perfect balance of consistent routines, expectations, and FUN!

Ages: Students that have completed 1st-9th grade in the 2017-2018 school year.

Goals: To improve or maintain academic skills using strategies specific to the learning styles of children with autism.73


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Social Skills
  • Leisure Skills
  • Field Trips


Monday – Friday (8:30am-2:00pm)

June 26th- July 21th (4 weeks)

*Closed July 3rd*


$1,800 (New students)

*** Scholarships available! (Current students receive priority) ***

*Children attending our Summer Learning program must be able to (1) communicate verbally, (2) participate in a small group, (3) be potty trained, and (4) have no aggressive, self-injurious, or destructive behaviors.*